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August 23rd, 2022

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August 28, 2022

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Gmail and Outlook both are ideal email clients and offer their users a full-fledged email service. Gmail provides the best features for personal use, but Outlook maintains its position for business use. Therefore, the majority of people want to set up their Gmail accounts on Outlook. So, in this write-up, we will learn how we can add Gmail account to Outlook on Mac using the manual method and professional Gmail Backup Tool.

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Let’s start our journey towards synchronizing Gmail with MS Outlook. Before we begin adding a Gmail account, first know some reasons to add Gmail to Outlook.

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Why do Users Want to Import Gmail to Outlook?

There may not be a single reason to compel you to migrate your Gmail account into MS Outlook. Below is a list of a few of them.

  • Users can conduct searches within their Gmail files based on To, From, etc. On the other hand, Outlook offers you numerous options to enhance your search.
  • Outlook lets you add numerous accounts under a single admin ID.
  • Deleted messages in Gmail are difficult to recover, but deleted emails in Outlook can be easily found.
  • The ability to access your emails offline is not available in Gmail, but it is available in Outlook.
  • Outlook provides a feature that allows users to systematically organize their emails.

These are a few of the factors that make it possible for users to set up Gmail account in Outlook. Now, take the next step towards migrating your G account to MS Outlook.

Add Gmail Account to Outlook on Mac with Manual Approach

You can add emails from Gmail to Outlook by following the below steps.

  • Open Outlook on your Mac and choose Preferences, then click Accounts.
  • Click on the (+) sign, and select New Account.
  • Enter your email address, and then press the Continue button.
  • Next, enter your password to configure Gmail in Outlook, by hitting the Add Account button, then press Continue.
  • In the next wizard, it asks you to Sign in to your Gmail account within Outlook for Mac.
  • Select the Gmail account you want to use to log in next.
  • Type the password for your Gmail account.
  • Google Permission tab will launch in the subsequent window, Allow it
  • In the next window, click on the tab Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once your account has been added, click on Done.

By following these steps, you are able to set up Gmail account in Outlook. Nevertheless, this approach has drawbacks. That we discussed underneath.

Limitation of Manual Approach in Adding Gmail account to Outlook

The following is a list of this manual approach’s drawbacks.

  • Lots of steps are required for this method.
  • To implement this strategy, one must be technically skilled.
  • This method must be carried out in stages; failing to complete even one step will render the entire procedure useless.
  • It is a tedious task and too long to accomplish.
  • Users may fail to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook.

Since these are some drawbacks of the manual method, consider the circumstance in which you would have failed using the aforementioned technique. In this case, you need technical expertise that can import Gmail to Outlook without a hassle.

Import Gmail Account to Outlook using Automated Solution

MacSonik Gmail backup tool is a one-stop utility that allows you to migrate Gmail to Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Yandex, etc. Furthermore, it can backup Gmail mailboxes into a variety of file formats, including PST, PDF, HTML, MHTML, MBOS, MSG, and others. The best feature of this utility is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Here, follow the instructions for using this tool.

  • Download and Install the MacSonik Gmail backup tool.
  • Enter your Gmail ID and third-party app password.
  • Check the Gmail folders from the tree structure and click the Next button.
  • Choose the Hotmail option from Migrate As menu and opt for the software features.
  • Finally, click on the Convert button to migrate Gmail emails to Outlook OLM.
  • You can click on the Download Report button to download the process report in CSV format.

By using this automated solution, you are able to configure Gmail in Outlook. You can easily transfer multiple Gmail accounts to Mac Outlook in just a few steps. If you want to backup Gmail emails to Outlook PST then choose PST as an option from the drop-down menu.


In this article, we’ve covered the steps to add Gmail account to Outlook. What drives users to switch from Gmail to Outlook? And, if you fail in the manual approach, how automated tools can help you to get rid of it?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I link my Gmail and Outlook accounts?

Ans- If you wish to add a Gmail account to Outlook, then you need to follow the steps.

  • Open Outlook, then go to the File Tab.
  • Then go to Advanced Options > Let Me Set Up My Account Manually > Enter Email Id, Password, and IMAP Settings.

2. How do I set up Gmail IMAP in Outlook for Mac?

Ans- Follow the steps as instructed.

  • Log in with your Google Mail account.
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Select the POP/IMAP and Forwarding options, and then select Enable IMAP.
  • Configure IMAP Settings and click on Save Changes.

3. How do I manually add Gmail to Outlook?

Ans- You can add the Gmail account to Outlook by following the below instructions.

  • Open Outlook, then go to the File section.
  • Then select Add Account and enter your Gmail address.
  • Finally, click on the Connect button to set up Gmail in Outlook.

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