OLM to Gmail on Mac – Import Outlook for Mac Emails to Gmail on a Mac Machine

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February 3rd, 2022

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Mac users often face the problem of email migration on their Mac machines. Many organizations use Mac desktops and laptops in their office. But when they change from one email client to another then they face difficulty in doing so. A similar thing happens when you want to import OLM to Gmail on Mac because people are getting more inclined towards the Gmail email client. So, when they want to transfer Outlook for Mac emails to Gmails on a mac device then they face problems in doing so. Therefore, here we have brought the solution to all your problems related to OLM migration to Gmail on Mac. You can import all the emails and mailbox items from Mac Outlook to Gmail on a Mac PC or Laptop if you are willing to change from an email client to a webmail client. You can do the migration through an automated tool.

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Procedure of OLM to Gmail Migration on Macbook or Mac PC

We have already told you that you need professional software to perform the migration from OLM to Gmail on mac. You will have to go through a lengthy process on mac OS if you are performing the migration manually. On the other hand, manual migration will consume a lot of time and you might lose some data while migrating manually. Therefore, you must go with Professional OLM Converter to perform a hassle-free conversion.

Steps to Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to Gmail on a Mac Device

  • Download and Install MacSonik OLM Converter for Mac on your Mac Machine.
  • Launch the tool and add the OLM file that you want to import to Gmail on Mac.
  • Add multiple OLM files if you want to import all of them together.
  • Then hit the Next button after adding the Outlook mac OLM file and you can preview all the emails and folders that are there in that OLM file.
  • Choose the Emails and Folders that you want to import to your Gmail account on Mac and then hit the Next button.
  • Now in the Save As option, choose Gmail and you have to use the Third-Party app password to make the Gmail Login.
    • You will have to click on the red link to create the third-party password.
  • Apply the Date Range Filter if you want to filter OLM file emails on the basis of date.
  • Then click on the Convert button, and in a few seconds, all your OLM file emails will be transferred to your Gmail account on mac.

Once the migration process completes, you will see all the Mac Outlook OLM file emails on your Gmail account. As soon as you make the Gmail login, you can see all the mailbox items that were there in the OLM file.

Software Features

  • Mac Outlook OLM Converter is compatible with all the versions of Mac OS.
  • The conversion process is fast and quick and it imports OLM to Gmail on Mac in a few seconds.
  • You can import OLM file emails to Gmail on mac created on any version of MS Outlook.
  • This tool has an easy-to-use GUI that makes you perform the conversion by yourself.
  • This tool can even import OLM to Office 365 on Mac efficiently.


The features of this software clearly state that it is an efficient solution to your problem. You can migrate thousands of OLMs to Gmail on mac with the help of this professional tool. This software always stands tall in managing OLM files. You can even convert large OLM files to Gmail without missing a single piece of data from that file. So, you will have to make a choice whether to try the conversion manually or use a shortcut for the Outlook for Mac to Gmail migration.

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