How to fix Gmail not showing all emails issues on Mac Devices?

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January 5th, 2022

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Mac users often face the issue of Gmail emails not appearing in the inbox. It happens due to various reasons like bad internet connection, mail display issue, and many other reasons. Therefore, you must know how to fix Gmail not showing all emails issues on Mac devices. There are various possibilities of this issue and you need to resolve them. Even after fixing the bad internet connection and mail display issues, your Mac Gmail not showing all emails in your inbox then you will have to try the professional solution. You must export all the emails from your Gmail account to another Gmail account so that you can recover missing emails in Gmail. Let’s see the possible reasons for this issue.

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Methods to Fix Gmail Inbox Not Showing All Mail Issue on Mac

You must see some of the possible reasons that you might face this issue. If you check and fix the possibilities then you might see all the emails in your Gmail inbox on Mac.

Mail Display Issue

In this issue, Gmail shows an error “You are not online” and even if you are online, you face this error. Therefore in such a scenario Gmail not shows all emails. So, to fix this issue you can follow the steps below:-

  • Visit the View option.
  • Click on the message option.
  • Then go to the Plain Text Alternative option.

This will show you all the available alternative formats on the original format of the Gmail emails.

If the above method doesn’t work then you can rebuild the Gmail mailbox to recover missing emails in Gmail.

  • Go to the Mailbox Tab.
  • Then click on the Rebuild option at the bottom.

This process will download the emails all over again and you might get the missing Gmail emails in your inbox on mac.

Can’t Receive Messages

Sometimes due to internet issues, mac users are unable to receive emails and they find that some Gmail emails are missing from their inbox. So, you must fix the internet issue and your Gmail Not Showing all emails issue might get fixed.

  • Go to the Mail App.
  • Click on the Window option.
  • Then click on the Connection Doctor option.

This will show you the details related to the emails and internet connection. You will see a red dot if there is an issue with your email or internet. Click on the red dot and you will find the error. Fix the error that appears and you might find all your Gmail Emails in your Mac inbox.

MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool

If you are still unable to recover Gmail email on mac after fixing the above problem then you must try an automated solution. The only way out is to export all the Gmail emails from one Gmail account to another. It can be only possible with the help of the Gmail Converter Tool for Mac. This tool is the best solution to resolve Gmail not showing all emails issue. You can export Gmail emails to another client through the following steps and fix the above issue.

Move Gmail Email to another Gmail Account

  • Download and Install the MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool.
  • Enter the Username and Password of the Gmail account in which Gmail is not showing all emails.
  • Click on the Sign In
  • Then select all the emails to export to another Gmail client.
  • Click on the Next button and in the Migrate As option choose Gmail.
  • Now enter the Credentials of another Gmail account in which you are exporting emails.
  • Click on the Sign In button and finally on the Convert

After the conversion, you will see all Gmail emails in your Gmail account to which you have exported the emails. The Gmail Not Showing all emails issue will be fixed after the conversion.


So, we have told you how to fix Gmail not showing all emails issues on Mac devices. You must first fix the mail display issue and internet connection issue. If they won’t work then you must try the professional tool. This tool will also download google photos on Mac with emails and attachments. So, you can manage Gmail with this tool effectively.

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