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User Interface

As you launch the Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac, you will find the screen presented below:

  • Software Button Click here to purchase the software
  • Software Button Tap this to activate the software
  • Software Button About the Software
  • Software Button Click here for any assistance

Software Working Process

Step 1

Download and Run the Mac Gmail to PDF Converter.

Step 2

Sign In by entering the Gmail id and third-party app password.

Step 3

Here, the tool will display the Gmail elements in a tree structure.

Step 4

Check the folders that you need to convert and click on the Next button.

Step 5

After that, You will find a new wizard containing various features.

Step 6

Check the following features of Mac Gmail to PDF Converter.

  • Remove duplicate Mail: Check to remove the same emails from conversion of Gmail emails to PDF.
  • Maintain folder hierarchy: By default, checked to keep the original structure.
  • Save PDF attachments separately: It helps to save the attachments of PDF files separately.
  • Free Up Server Space: Check to delete the email from Gmail after the conversion.

Step 7

Check for skip previously migrated items to drop the earlier converted emails using Mac Gmail to PDF Converter.

  • Migrate or Backup without attachment files: It helps to convert the emails only. (if you check the option, then Save PDF attachment separately will get disable)
  • Set Backup Schedule: If you need to set the conversion schedule, then using this feature you can do so.

Step 8

In case, If you want to convert the selected emails of your Gmail account, then check for the Mail filter feature and enter the start date and end date.

Step 9

Select the Custom folder name and enter the name. It helps to save the resultant file with a particular name.

Step 10

Now, Choose the Naming convention option to save the resultant file according to date formats.

Step 11

After that, click on the Path to save button and assign a location. Now, click Convert to start the conversion process.

Step 12

Here, You can select the option either Cancel All Schedule Migration or Start the Migration Early.

Step 13

You have completed the conversion process of Gmail emails to PDF on macOS. Click on the download report to analyze the process report.


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